Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall in Virginia

I love Fall.  I love back to school.  I love the crisp breezes. I love watching the leaves change color and fall gently to the ground. in VA in our house, there is one thing about fall I hate, well actually two....SPIDERS AND CRICKETS!!!

We live on a wooded lot, and since we moved in almost 7 years ago, Fall has been laden with these two pests.  Some years are spider years where they seem to be everywhere, everyday for about a month and a half.  Other years have been the cricket years, chirping and jumping out from corners...bleck.  Then we have had one or two years where the bugs have stayed away, I hope out of sheer fear of death by vacuum and shrill screaming!

This year is looking like a spider year, we have had four enormous spiders in the last four days including one upstairs which is pretty rare.  Ugh.  Needless to say, I am on the hunt for a good product to get rid of these horrid little beasts.  We have used Home Defense, and it is OK and we will put it on the exterior tomorrow, but we really try not to use it in the house.  I also researched a bunch of spider trap things, all pesticide free, and ordered some to try.  I am really hoping they work, but I am also pretty sure I won't be the one checking the traps since spiders freak me the hell out. I am guessing that will be Ryan's job, or maybe Brittan's since she has no fear.

So...look for an upcoming review of the effectiveness of the spider traps, cause I want to help you guys out, especially those of you who are terrified of spiders and scream like a little girl while trying to suck them up with the vacuum...or whatever :)

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Christine said...

I turn into a squealing girl in the presence of ANY bug! The scarier, bigger, or more mobile the bug, the louder the squeal! I use the vacuum trick, too. Or if it's a teeny one, I call the dog over. And I am not too embarrassed to admit that I have even put a glass over the bug until the husband comes over to kill it! (I know, big wimp!) Good luck making it through the season!