Saturday, September 18, 2010

The best laid plans

So today the entire tribe was very excited to see my HS friends and their kids, have lunch and go to Gray's game.  We woke and started getting ready and about an hour before we were to leave, Gray came in saying he didn't feel well, he was achy and had a headache.  He looked a little off, but he was also tired, so I gave him some motrin and sent him to lay down for a half hour.  A half hour later, he was good to go, but i had emailed his coach just as an FYI.  We left and drove the hour to meet my friends for lunch.  The kids were all so good and had fun with the other kids, and Gray was feeling great and ate a ton!  We all loaded up for the game.

Got to the game, got Gray ready and I noticed he looked a little off again.  Mentioned to his coach that he has been OK, but just keep an eye on him.  He went off and was put in early in the 1st quarter, played three of four plays and then came off the field, straight to me.  One look at him, he burst into tears and said he felt like he was going to be sick...needless to say I pulled the helmet off and his jersey pretty quick!  Walked him around the field, poured some water on him and got him calmed down.  Ryan was helping keep track of the other team's players and was required to be there until the end of 3rd quarter, so I knew we were in for a long wait.  Poor Gray, he was feeling pretty terrible, but we got his clothes changed and he sat in a chair and tried to rest.  Once we finally left, he was still feeling really rough and fell promptly asleep in the car, came home and went to bed for a few hours and opted out of dinner.  Last check, he was still running a 101 on meds poor kid!  Thankfully he never got sick to his stomach, which was much appreciated on the long ride home, and he is resting comfortably.  He was so sad that they didn't get to see him really play and that he was feeling so awful, but he was such a trooper and my girls were so sweet with him, getting him a drink, his clothes, etc.

I am just happy we got to see my friends, and that Gray doesn't seem to be too sick, probably just a back to school virus.  It does look like Teagan may have it too, she was running warm earlier and Haven was pitching a royal fit that often means she is feeling unwell, but we can handle the viruses that cross our threshold.  Thankfully tomorrow I planned only to wash lots of laundry and go through the baby and Grayson's clothes, so the kids can lounge downstairs and snuggle on the couch with Ryan and I can work on what needs to be done.  Such is life with kids!

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