Sunday, December 7, 2008

The whole lot is taking a sick day

We were supposed to go to church and then up to see my niece dance. We didn't and we aren't. This family is taking a much needed sick day since the kids are all coughing and I am all stomach achy.

We had a really fun visit with my two best buddies from high school, they are twins :) I got to meet Chelle's new hubby and step son who was as cute as can be, and it was so nice to see Diane and meet her beau, it really had been too long!

After they left, Chelle, Chris and Christian flew in on a red eye from Cali and were so wiped out, my crew and I headed to bed.

Today we will be in our jammies all day long. I plan to make meringues since the kids have been requesting them, and a wise woman suggested a pot roast for dinner. Aside from some laundry and house maintenance, I will be laying low all day.

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