Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today's update

OK, so the day did get better. When I went in to get Gray the kids were all inside a big train (The Polar Express) that they had walked all over the school in. They were super cute and Grayson was so excited that I saw him as the train!

Then we went to meet Maggie and Emily for lunch, but the place we planned on going wasn't open. It turned out great since we tried a new pub place, I think it was the Firken Bulldog(?) and the food was FANTASTIC!!!

I came home and gushed about how tasty the food was, and I am hoping to convince my parents to take us there for dinner on Monday :)

On our way home, Gray and I made a quick stop at the grocery store, then home to sit on our butts...well, I worked a little. I decided that the house cleaning can wait until tomorrow. I can get up and work before my afternoon crash at 2 and I am sure I will get a lot more done. All I need to do tonight is make dinner, help the girls make ornaments for their teachers and wrap teacher presents and put away all the clothes that were folded last night.

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