Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Somehow we made it!

We made it down to pictures on time, kids were dressed in their holiday best, and we were all set.

Then we went to do the first set and Haven started, yes HAVEN....my OLDEST. Ughh. Then we had a break in the middle and went into the room with the Christmas tree set up. Grayson was trying so hard that he had that "I am smiling so hard it looks like I am going to bite you!" face as only small children have when told to smile. He also kept lifting his chin up, he is so strange. Brittan was doing as told, sitting and smiling. Haven was being a pain in the arse, looking all over, not following directions, etc. Needless to say, the picture I ended up getting is of all of them looking at a story book. Yep, no one looking at the camera, no sweet faces to admire, just tops of heads.

Then we went to dinner with the Fallons and it took a very long time. The kids were all pretty good, especially since it was late and they had to wait awhile. As soon as we got in the car to come home, I told my girls that it was home and homework, then bed. What does my darling oldest say, "Uh then we don't get any TV time!" So I yelled at her that we just ate dinner with her friends, and that she is absurdly lucky and spoiled and blessed and that she should be thankful for the evening she had and on and on and on.......

Why oh why is that child so trying?

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