Monday, December 29, 2008


We are trying to clean up the aftermath of Christmas and a week of company, and the tribe is revolting. I just want to make a dent, heavy duty work will happen next week when they are back at school and I am still off work. For today, I need to finish the cleaning and start undecorating which is so depressing. I also need to fold a million loads of laundry, bleck.

On the positive side, I hope to get granola made today if I have enough honey and I am making a nice dinner of pork roast, some of our canned apples, potatoes, veggies and popovers...mmm. Tomorrow I promised the kiddos that we could go to the mall so they can spend some of the gift certificates that are burning holes in their pockets. We are also running to the farm, so if I am out of honey I guess I can get some there.

If only I could inspire them to get moving.


Ree said...

Sounds like you have quite a list to accomplish. I won't undecorate until next week--gotta squeeze out a bit more of the lights & deco!!
I'll make a pork roast on New Years Day--along w/mashed potatoes, saurkraut & applesauce-YUMMO!--It's supposed to be Good Luck for the coming year if you eat pork roast on New Years Day!! Hey-it doesn't hurt to try, right??!!

Tribe Mama said...

Maybe I should rethink the day I cook that roast....we need all the luck we can get!