Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fevers, coughs and fluff!

So I thought for sure we would make it to church, I even had the kid's clothes laid out! Alas, this morning two kids woke up with nasty wet coughs and one woke with a fever. This is the third week in a row that we are not making it, but I keep trying and maybe we will make it next Sunday and on Christmas Eve for a double header.

So with a heap of sickies, I decided we needed a special breakfast. Sometimes I get them the packets of oatmeal that have chocolate or smores or some other disgusting breakfast combo, and these are a big treat. Usually they are stuck with the old fashioned slow cooked oats made by mama or daddy with raisins or apples or honey. So this morning they begged for the sweet packets, and I had none, but I saw that jar of Fluff. Needless to say they were very pleased when mama made the regular healthy oatmeal and then swirled a spoonful of fluff and added a sprinkle of mini chips to their oatmeal. Well, at least the good part of the oatmeal got in there and I did find a use for some of the fluff :)

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