Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The overwhelming sense of dread

What could bring this on so early in the morning? It's pictures with all three kids at 4:20 this afternoon. That's right, I am picking the girls up, driving to the picture place, changing their clothes and hoping that the place is running close to on time. Then we will need to wait for the pictures or I may just pick them up on Wednesday when I head down to get milk. Of course it will be dinner time when we are done, so if they all cooperate I promised them dinner out (it's kid's day). So the dread is there, I am not looking forward to wrangling a bunch of cranky kids in the afternoon wearing Christmas outfits. I just want one decent shot.


A Jersey Girl said...

It will be GREAT! They will do wonderful- And the pictures will be awesome!

Tribe Mama said...

Such an optimist!