Monday, December 15, 2008

Buried alive

I am feeling as though the house today is eating me alive! It is messy, but not so bad that it can't be fixed, the problem is I am just so tired and yucky lately that it seems to be a much bigger task. Add to this that my parents and sister arrive Saturday, parents stay until the morning of the 23rd, then mother in law shows up that afternoon, and the rest of that side shows up late on Christmas. We will have a full week of company,and that my friends, is a lot!

So I have my list of to do's, and I will start cracking away at them. First and foremost is to switch laundry. Then I need to get the cookies ready for Haven's Girl Scout party. Then I must make the sugar cookie dough for the cookies for Haven's class,I want those done so I can finally clear the kitchen of all the cookie making paraphernalia. Also on today's agenda, dust the family room and straighten the living room, plus I must work early so I can head upstairs tonight when the kid go to be and fold fold fold clothes.

The task that is causing me the most stress is the wrapping of presents. Tomorrow I will take care of my hubby, niece, nephew, mom, mother in law and kid's teachers. Doing my kids is a problem. On Wednesday night, Ryan and I need to get an inventory and I need to gather all of the stocking stuffer things so I can figure out what is for Hanukkah and what is for stockings! Then we will probably wrap like crazy on Friday night since the girls are sleeping over at Emily's and Gray goes to sleep well. We will take stuff down, wrap it, put it back up, just like every year. The stocking stuffers get wrapped in tissue paper and each kid's stuff is bagged up separately to make it easy that night. Every year I dread the wrapping, it takes so long and is such a process, but I love the reaction on Christmas morning!

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