Friday, December 12, 2008

First day off

So today was the start of my Christmas break. I still have FT school for a week and a half, but my classes and PT school are done!

So this morning after dropping Gray off, I went to two grocery stores to start gathering the goodies for the holiday company. I came home, finished my grading and went to pick up Maggie and Gray. Turned out Grant's mom was stuck at the doctor, so I grabbed him as well and took the three preschoolers home for lunch. They were really well behaved and played while I made meatballs for dinner and did some straightening. Em came with Killi, took the littles and left Killi to play, and she and Maggie should be back for dinner later.

All I have left to do are some postings and a little grading, plus I must get on making fudge and meringues!

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A Jersey Girl said...

Wow, that sure doesn't seem like a day to me:)