Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chanukah Christmas Gifts

So, we go to this cool church where we celebrate, well, EVERYTHING! I love that my kids get to explore so many aspects of world religions, I think it will help them discover their true beliefs. This year we are leaping on the Fallon's Chanukah bandwagon. See my father's side of the family is Jewish, but we never really celebrated except when we were at my grandparents for Easter/Passover, when we were only in it for the money that was hidden with the Matzo and we still had our Easter baskets and eggs.

This year, my dad is bringing his dad's menorah and they will be here the first night of Chanukah-interestingly the night after we celebrate Christmas with my sister. We will eat a traditional meal (thanks Em) and my dad will read the kids the story of Chanukah and they will get a gift. The funny part is that Em and I started buying some of the gifts today and a few were Christmas themed. So we are blending the holidays....maybe a dreidel will end up in the stockings :)

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