Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am not an early adopter

but I made the switch to Facebook. Change and I are not good friends, but still I am trying. So far I like it, I found some old friends from HS and I had a lovely chat with Rachel last night, that alone is worth it!

Today I have Maggie most of the day, she has been partying all night with her poor mom and she has a nasty cough. It is better she be here with us instead of at the germy school in Killi and Declan's classrooms, plus they have CCD and I am sure an hour in the car will make Emily insane.

The best part of the day will be dinner tonight. I told Killi a few weeks ago that we should go to the Japanese steakhouse for her birthday...I was kidding, but she liked that idea and that is where we are going. It is so much fun to have ten people to celebrate together, I know the kids get a real kick out of it, so we will be enjoying yummy food for dinner!

Now I need to go do some work, this house needs a cleaning!

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