Monday, December 1, 2008

It's beginning to feel like Christmas!

So almost all of the inside decorations are done and I am getting ready to bake off the first batch of shortbread in my 12 days of Christmas pan. Work is slowing down, this Friday will be my last one at PT school, and I have two Wednesdays left and the exams to grade. I feel more relaxed, and know that the only big things left are to put up the outside decorations, send cards, do the tree and wrap!

My parents and my sister's family will be here on the 20th to celebrate Christmas a little early. Then Ryan's mom arrives on the 23rd, and I will put her to work on the 24th baking a birthday cake for Ryan. Ryan's brother's and Kristen should arrive late on Christmas Day, so it will be a full week of festivities!

I love this time of year and really look forward to the weeks I have off from everything to relax and enjoy my family. It is a bonus that Ryan will be off from Christmas Eve through January 2nd, it will be great to have family time.

Off to get that first batch of cookies in the oven, as it only makes 12, I need to do at least 4 batches.

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