Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update, the eye is over

My Mother in Law (yes the one moving in) is such a mess that she MISSED her flight here. Yes she MISSED the flight that we paid for and booked and the airport is only 15 minutes from her house! My poor husband, who works overnight, stayed late at work to pick her up at 1 and I just had to call and tell him she won't land until 4. The airport is an hour and a half from our house and he works tonight and leaves at 9 pm....so when is he supposed to sleep?

So I told him to come home and sleep, I am waiting for the Comcast guy who will hopefully be here well before 3 when I will need to leave. I will need to pack all three kids into the car to drive an hour and a half north to pick up MIL to turn around and drive home in rush hour traffic. Sounds like a blast huh. Can we say annoyed?

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