Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Super duper family fun day

Yes that is right, the whole tribe is venturing out into the big world for a day of family fun....if we can get ourselves motivated :)

We will eat lunch at home I think, then off to the bank (OK that is only fun for the grownups), then we will go to Friendly's for ice cream to give us energy, then to the mall so Grayson can use his Build a Bear gift card and the girls can use their Claire's gift cards, I think Ryan will use his Teavana gift card his lovely wifey got him too! Then a nice drive to the farm to gather our milk, then home to play the Wii and watch movies and hang about. Super fun, if only everyone would get dressed!


A Jersey Girl said...

I hope it's a great day! It sounds like lots of fun!

Valerie Purdy said...

You would have to be talking about the Spotsy Mall... I mean Spotsylvania Town Center. Love that Teavana, but it's pricey.