Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hot tip!

When you are usually spoiled and your husband gives baths/showers, you come to HATE them. Since hubby is ill, I knew I would need to do shower duty. Well first I needed to clean the kid's bathroom, see I never go in there so I don't see the mess they make, it is now clean.

First Haven got in the shower, no issue there. Brittan was next, she did swell. Then comes Grayson's turn. He doesn't like showers, he likes baths.... I hate giving baths.

So here comes the hot tip.....tell the four year old he is a baby elephant. We have a hand help shower thing, so he climbed in, and I sprayed his feet, then his tushie and worked my way up to his hair which is what he was dreading. It worked out great! He thought it was fun, it was super fast and I have a clean boy. Sad that this was the most exciting part of my day!

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A Jersey Girl said...

That's awesome! My monsters would LOVE that game:)