Sunday, December 14, 2008

The soup is AMAZING

So I thought I would share the recipe. What you need: a chicken carcass, two cups cooked chicken, 2 onions, a few good handfuls of carrots,bay leaves, salt, pepper,a potato, butter, olive oil, half and half, half a lemon, flour, and an Uncle Ben's wild rice mix.

To make the broth, boil a chicken carcass in enough water to fully cover, with an onion cut in half skins still on, a handful of carrots, four bay leaves, salt, pepper and half a lemon (trust me on this.)

Boil and boil and boil until the broth is a rich color, smells amazing and has reduced by a third. Drain the odds and ends out and reserve the broth.

In a pot, add a good knob of butter and a swirl of olive oil. Finely dice an onion, peel a potato and finely dice and add both to the pot. Then cut carrots into bite size pieces and throw into the pool. Saute everything for about 15 minutes stirring well and don't let it get brown. Add a few pinches of kosher salt and a 1/4 cup of flour, cook all together well to create a nice roux. Add the broth back in and add your cooked chicken (I always have some in the freezer leftover from roast chicken). Cook on a low simmer for about an hour. Add in a cup to cup and a half of half and half, a few good turns of fresh ground pepper and the season packet from and Uncle Ben's wild rice box(ours was roasted chicken) Cook about 15 minutes, stir in the rice and let it all come together. Adjust seasoning as needed.

Make some baking powder biscuits and you are all set.


A Jersey Girl said...

Now, can you use regular salt:) It sounds really good!

Ree said...

This sounds YUMMO!! I LOVE me some good Chicken soup!!
So you just use the season packet from the rice, not the rice itself?
I have to try this!!

Tribe Mama said...

Use the rice too, it makes for a creamy chicken and wild rice soup. So yummo!

Ree said...

I am dying to try it!! I love Chkn. soup and I love wild rice, so the comco sounds yummo-licious!!
Esp. in this weather!!

Ree said...

Don't mind me!! I only read the recipe like 5 times before I finally saw where you add the rice!! For some reason, I missed it the first FOUR times!! DAHHHHH!
Talk about brain freeze!!