Saturday, December 13, 2008

We are progressing

So, the morning got off to a rough start, lost shoes, lost coats, lost tempers....

We made it to the school, all the kids were great getting their food and eating and Haven then went to warm up. The kids did excellent singing, and as a sappy mom, I teared up watching my big girl singing. Amazing how angry you can be at them one minute, and beaming the next!

After the singing was over, we headed into the book fair and each kiddo got a book, even Declan who was playing the part of a Kelley today! Headed back for the raffle, somehow missed when they called our name and left to drive Declan home. Surprise surprise when we came home and there was a prize waiting for us! Our kind neighbors dropped it off for us :)

I have already made a batch of meringues and I have a batch of sugar cookies and jam thumbprints chilling in the fridge. Soon I will begin cutting and baking the sugar cookies, I figure jam prints can wait until tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is super simple, I grabbed some pulled pork out of the freezer and will serve it with salad and homemade steak fries. Yummy!

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