Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blowin' wind

So, Gray and I ran our errands and found some cute little goodies for the girls, as well as black pants for pictures tonight and a few other odds and ends. Em and Maggie met up with us, which was great except the littles decided that Kohls was the place to run amok! Oh well, we reigned them in, got the heck out of there and went to the park where they ate lunch and played for a bit. It got cold, we came home and I decided that now was a super time to set up the outside decorations-what was I thinking? Last year we put a blow up santa in a plane, a blow up big frosty, a moving reindeer, some oversized bulbs and a train. I added a blow up polar bear this year, so I wanted to see how it would work out. We had everything in the big flower bed by the garage, but it seems we have outgrown that area :)

So far, I have the big bulbs lining the walkway by the garage and have the three big blow ups lined up, plane, bear, snowman. I think the train will have to go in front of the living room windows, so now I need more big bulbs or another type of light, maybe some snowflakes?

I am off to tame Gray's hair,pack up the christmas outfits and go wait in line for the girls.

So it is all laid out and I checked that everything works. The frosty has been staked, the others will be staked tomorrow and the train will be put out tomorrow as well. Now all I need is for Ryan to take down the trellis and put up the big wreath:)

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