Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have a serious tummy ache

So, I feel bad, really, really, really bad. My stomach is upset and just about everything makes me want to be sick. It is a terrible feeling, made worse by the coughing fits I keep having :(

We started the lights outside, they became a nightmare. Ryan went to he store, got the tree and new lights. So tonight he will be getting the lights on the tree, and tomorrow morning before I head to work, we will put the new and easier lights up on the house. Then I will return the terrible lights to the store and use that money to buy Chrismukah presents for the littles.

Haven is at riding, dinner is cooked (thank goodness) and Ryan can do homework tonight while I fold laundry upstairs. I have two calls tonight and then I plan to indulge myself by laying in bed and watching television, with a cup of tea, delivered by my sweet husband.

Another fun note, my bestest friend from high school, Chelle, is coming Saturday with her hubby and stepson....and she is bringing her twin sister Diane and her boyfriend! I haven't seen Diane in about six years, crazy since we all live in the DC metro area, and it will be fun to catch up, if the kids stay quiet that is!

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