Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's resolutions

We are getting close to that infamous time a year when everyone makes goals and promises that they cannot meet or keep. Me,I try to make changes at odd times of the year, there is a lot less pressure. However, we are gearing up for some mega changes here in our tribe, so I feel there are some goals I need to work on.

The first is patience, and I need a wagon full of it! I have a lot going on, and sometimes I skim over the positive and only see the negative, or I don't even stop to process it all. I really need to work on this, and I am really trying...I practiced all day yesterday on my mother in law!

Letting things go. OK, so I cannot let much go since most days are jam packed, and the chosen thing to let go is usually laundry. I need to let go not of tasks, but of feelings and events. I think there will be a purge post coming soon and then I will need to put all those bad feelings to bed.

More local, more organic, more from scratch. We were doing so very well, and then fall hit and Haven was going through her diagnosis, and things just never settled into a comfortable routine. I need to cook more from scratch, it should be seven days a week and we are only at about five. I need to depend more on my stockpile and work to add to it even during the winter months. Ryan and I will be planning the garden next week, so once that is together I will share. Again we will only grow organically, and I am hoping for a bigger success this year.

I need to source new farms and suppliers. There is more we can get locally, such as grains, and I need to locate a source! I also need to bake more bread, I am hoping once the company leaves that I can get back in the habit of baking 2 loaves a week. It is just so much better for everyone. We also need to make more granola so the kids have that as a choice instead of boxed cereal!

So those are some of my plans. Ryan and I want to do chickens, however I am not sure this is the year to start...more info on why coming soon.

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