Friday, July 31, 2009

Balancing it all

I was cautious when I knew I would be off work and school when the baby comes since I really enjoy being busy, but it has been such a blessing! To be fair, I am still sort of teaching one course (shh don't tell) and doing a few small administrative things, but really not much at all. I am actually lucky enough not to have to start back to taking classes until the end of October, I only have two classes left but needed to space them due to residencies and comps. I start back to PT school the first week of September and will head back to FT work around the same time, plus the girls will go back to school then. I am hoping we can acclimate well in September, at least my schedule is one where it is easy for Ryan to have all the kids and sleep!

I am having a hard time getting out, and prefer to just hang at home. It has been harder than I expected with Ryan back at work this week, so much so that he asked if I wanted him to take a week or two off, but I explained that I really need to find my groove. I did make it clear, that he will be taking a day off here and there to help me though!

Hopefully by the end of next week we will be doing more and getting out more, it will help with everyone's moods!

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