Friday, July 10, 2009


The whole idea that a new child is joining us in a mere five days is surreal. While I have done this three other times, it has been nearly five years since we added a child to the group. I cannot express how excited I am to see, touch, and hold my new daughter, but the fact that it will happen in less than a week is bizarre to me. We are so established here in kid-dom, no more babies here anymore, so this new little one will benefit from the attention, love and doting of three older siblings.

The kids and I went up to the big mall today and thankfully it was nearly empty. We walked down to Carters and I was able to grab a few outfits for the baby for winter, although I am a little worried they will be too big on her, we will have to see, I think they will work. I also popped into The Gap since sometimes I can find something cute, but they had next to nothing. However, I did grab two little pairs of pants and matching shirts for under $15 and they should work well or Fall. It was fun looking at all the little items, the frills and cute stuff, but again, surreal.

Tonight Brittan has dance and I will be taking her up there. While I am gone, Ryan will feed the other kids a fancy dinner of waffles, sausage and fruit :) This is his last night of work until after the baby comes, I will have loads of help the first few weeks and I am thankful for that. All I hope is that I can get the things I want to get done before the baby comes, most are things Ryan needs to help with, so it may be a challenge.

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