Sunday, July 12, 2009

Loose ends

Wow, we are getting so close I can feel my thighs, belly, hips and nether regions :)

My whole crew is on a weird sleeping schedule, we slept until nearly 9 am! Then the hubby made us yummy pancakes and Haven and I went out to finish up preparations for Brittan and Nana's birthdays this week. I needed to get a few things for Brittan, namely two short and a Webkinz, decorations for the dining room, magnetic printer paper to make my mom's birthday gifts and we needed to vacuum out the car. Got it all done and tne came home and installed the baby's carseat. It is so strange to see an infant seat in my be honest, we have never HAD an infant seat in this car, we got it after Grayson was out of the infant carrier! All the kids have been moved about, Gray and Brittan are in the way back in their boosters, the baby is behind the driver's seat and Haven has her choice of the window or middle seat next to the baby since she is booster free and both spots have shoulder belts. It is nice that she will be able to sit next to Teagan and help, plus Brittan is right behind her and will be ready to make faces and do the things needed to make Teagan giggle.

Th rest of the day is all about final preparations. I have laundry to do, bathrooms to clean and some last minute organizing. Ryan is working on the new furniture for the family room, the kids will do some chores and I will make tequila cilantro shrimp with rice and salad for dinner. I have a ton of produce to use up, so we will be eating well the next few days! Tomorrow we need to drag our butts out of bed early, drop the kids off around 7:30 and go up for the amnio, hospital registration and non-stress test. Then home to relax again. Tuesday is final prep for Nana and Papa's arrival that evening and I know the kids are excited. It is also Nana's birthday so we will make some treats to enjoy that night. Wednesday we will have an easy morning, Ryan and I will leave a little before 11 am and hopefully if all goes as planned, baby will be born around 1 pm. Then we will be a completed tribe!

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