Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's have a happy post

On the car front, it was painful but could be worse. The car cost $800 to fix, but the alternative was $1600...nice for a three year old vehicle right? There is a maintenance we will need done in the fall that is about $400, but it is easier to pay that then.

So on to the happier stuff. My amnio has been scheduled for the 13th at 8:10 am, and thankfully a fine friend is willing to take my three other kids really early in the morning! After the amnio, I go straight over to preregister for the c-section and then need a non stress test done. All in all, we hope to be out of there by lunchtime.

If the amnio comes back with the baby's lungs mature, which we assume they will be at 37 weeks 3 days, we will have the c-section on Wednesday July 15th at 1 pm. Everything is planned, 8 days until the baby comes :)

When I am stressed, I either cook, clean or both. The house was pretty clean, so cooking began early this morning! Haven had requested homemade baked beans, so I put the beans to soak overnight and started them this morning. They are now all ready to hit the oven in a bit and are sweet and spicy and delicious! The best part about making homemade baked beans is you really can control the flavors, sometimes ours are sweeter, sometimes spicier and sometimes the are BBQ style. I also received a nice head of cabbage in the CSA bag yesterday which has become coleslaw. Along side all this will be grilled sausage and hot dogs, DELICIOUS!

Now I need to switch laundry and veg on the couch some more. All the stress the last few days has taken its toll on me. All I want now is to get through the week and meet my new daughter.

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