Monday, July 6, 2009

I apologize

in advance, but the bitch fest continues.

Remember I was worried about the car starter issue? Yep, well after calling a thousand mechanics who assured me it was nothing, the kids and I headed out to go pick up the CSA. Car and I had a chat, and it started up perfectly. On our way there, I noticed the car was driving a little funny...hmmm. Then my stabilitrack light came on..and then again...then we got to the pick up and I looked at my one tire and it looked low. So I started trying to drive to the little store down the road, but we never made it, tire blew out. So then after bawling, calling roadside, calling my husband, calling my parents....finally the tire was changed and the car brought to the shop. We will need 2 tires and then whatever is broken with the starter thing.Parents will be paying for this and we will pay back when I am back at PT school....being a grownup sucks, and all I want to do is give birth and settle in at home. Please can the bad stuff end now!

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