Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is the day over yet?

Um, well it is not even 10 no!

I actually slept last night so you would think that would help things hasn't. The day began with Haven waking me at 7 am. Everyone else was sleeping, and there is no reason she needs to wake me at 7 am. She could have grabbed a book to read or come downstairs to watch TV, the only thing she couldn't do was make breakfast without at least her sister there....yes she is my oldest, but trust me, she needs Brittan there to help make good choices in the moment. So she woke me, and then in turn woke her brother! We would have all slept another hour, but we had to get up. Came downstairs and checked the counters for ants. Yesterday we saw a few, maybe ten, of the stupid sweet ants we get here so I removed everything and bleached the counters, then sprayed by the window and along the floor. Usually this does the trick pretty well, but I have seen three more ants today and it is supposed to rain, so I will need to rebleach this afternoon. Good times.

By 8:30 the kids had all gotten in trouble for various things. Then I tried to settle them on the couch with dry cereal to watch the fireworks I taped for them. After I repeatedly explained NOT to drop food or spill, a while cup of mini wheats goes flying. How hard is it to sit still and eat mini wheats???? So then, I had to clean up, vacuum again since we don't want the ants in the family room and put the kids at the table with the cereal. Of course, as I am taking their cups to move to the table, Brittan decided to pull her usual hysterical scream at me and tears trick. Seriously, this kid is usually so good, but she is a huge crier and has taken to having screaming outbursts. So then I need to yell at her, and send her to her room for screeching at me and pitching a fit when all I was doing was MOVING the snack! is going to be a long, long day!

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