Thursday, July 23, 2009

Due for an update

We have been busy, as can be expected! My mom came back on Tuesday, which was a great thing since I managed to get myself super stressed out about how I was feeling. I have a heart condition which when I was pregnant this time became much worse. I was having some odd feelings and I couldn't figure out what was normal post surgery, what was stress, what was anemia, what was exhaustion and what was a cardiac concern. By yesterday morning I was convinced I was going to drop dead, and so I called my doc and they got me right in, did my EKG and Echo and seems what i was feeling.....was better :) I am weak, tired and get a little breathless if I do too much. My heart rate is low and my blood pressure up a bit for me, but my heart function looks great and the numbers they use to determine how bad things are looked really great this time. I now know that what I am feeling is probably the anemia tied with the exhaustion and the "I just had surgery and am older now" feeling. My mom and the kids and I are going to lunch today, my first fun outing since having Teagan a week ago, and I am sure it will wipe me out,

I am looking forward to Ryan's days off, I can head upstairs at 4 and rest most days, and that really seems to help with the exhaustion. We do have an appt for the baby's cardiologist on Monday, but Ryan will be around to take us, so that helps a lot too.

I also have to brag that I got on the scale this morning and I am down 25lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight...yep, I LOST weight being pregnant. 15 more lbs and I am at my goal and think I look pretty good for having four kids!

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