Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

First off, Happy 4th of July to anyone out there who is getting to celebrate it. We will be doing a load of nada here, I am just in too much pain and am too exhausted, plus Ryan has to work tonight. All I want this Independence Day is a quiet afternoon. I do need to cook dinner for the kiddos, it will probably be hashbrowns, ham and eggs...they will eat it, it is healthy, and it is quick! I also need to get a batch of bread going, switch laundry and straighten up a little...I already ran errands with Brittan this morning so that is out of the way. Ryan works tonight, and then is off again tomorrow and Monday night, back to work Tues-Fri nights. He will then be off Sat, Sun and Mon as his regular days, and will need to take Tues and Wednesday to be available for the baby's birth. Juggling work, three kids, a birth and hospital stay is a lot! Seems my parents may split their time, one coming the Tues before delivery and staying through Saturday, that Sunday my sister's family will come for the day to meet Teagan and celebrate Brittan's birthday, then my other parent will come on Tuesday to help out when Ryan goes back to work. Then Ryan's dad and girlfriend say they are coming the last week of it seems I will have lots of help!

Now if only I could sleep. I am having horrible anxiety right now over everything from money to the birth. This is normal for me, but so stressful and it is making me very tired. I am worried about things that are far fetched, and things that are very real, but none of it within my control. Also, I always have to remind myself that no matter what, if something truly horrible happens, or expensive, I am lucky enough to have parents who can and would help many others do not have that option. While I wouldn't want to ask, knowing help is there is always a great relief. Also, with September coming soon, I will be back on the payroll at PT school, and that makes everything much easier. Now if only I can have a solution for next summer ironed out my January, I am tired of being poor in the summertime!

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