Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sometimes it hits the fan....or floor

So, woke this morning, really didn't feel well since I hadn't slept and had contractions on and off all night. Come downstairs and see that the crockpot oatmeal is not completely cooked, so I needed to transfer it to another pot and put it on the stove for a few minutes. Annoyed at the extra dishes, I took my drink and headed to the living room to sit and collect myself. Now the living room is the ONLY room in the house that I don't let the kids in regularly and we don't use it very much. It is the room I recently cleaned top to bottom, including steam cleaning the white carpet, to give myself a quiet place to sit and relax, and a place to take the baby to nurse quietly.

As I approach the living room doorway....I saw it....POOP! Lots and lots and lots of poop, and not the good scoopable kind. Also it seems the dog walked THROUGH the poop and spread it even more around the living room carpet. Oh I cried. Then I went and picked up the big fancy steam cleaner at the grocery store since our household one wouldn't cut it. Then the husband worked on the carpet while the girls and I left to run errands. That was not a good start to the day...then there were a few other hiccups while we are out. No wonder I keep feeling like something bad is going to happen, because it keeps happening! Maybe this will pay off in the end somehow.

In a bit, I am off to the OB...maybe I will get a date for the c-section!

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