Friday, July 17, 2009

Walk really slowly

Wow it has been a long day!

I figured I would be released today, my surgery was smooth and the recovery was going well, so my doctor and the hospital like to get you out as quickly as possible since you do better at home. The nurses kept asking me if I was leaving and I said I hadn't seen my doc yet, but figured. Ryan came in the morning, I showered and got dressed and was waiting for my parents and the kids to come up for Brittan's birthday when my doc came in. He and I have a history, four high risk pregnancies over 10 years, and one really bad delivery, you tend to get comfortable! He came in and said I could go home and that if I needed anything call, but I know the drill. Called home and caught the parents just after they left, so they came home, my kids stayed with my mom and my dad got our car to come get me. Ryan worked last night and needed sleep, so we were making plans on the fly!

They did my papers quickly, being that I really didn't need much, and we flew out when my dad got there.....then we sat in traffic for an hour and a half to get home, should have taken 25 minutes tops! Dropped my meds off at the pharmacy, and came home to three very excited kids. The big issue was that I came off my meds around 3 o'clock and didn't get my new meds until 8, needless to say, there were loads of tears from is surgery and it does hurt!

Now I am in my bed, baby by my side and drugs in my system! My mom is sleeping upstairs and will help with the kids as needed, my dad is downstairs and Ryan is off to work. I know it gets better, and when I am not in horrific pain I can see that we will be fine, but never again will I let the meds wear off!

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