Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The reclaiming process

It is time for me to reclaim my house, my kids and my life. Teagan is two weeks old tomorrow, I still have a hard time believing we have been enjoying her that long! I get very anxious when things are out of my control, and the two weeks leading up to delivery and the last two weeks since I have been an observer and occasionally commenter, but not at all in charge of anything here. I am feeling the anxiety, so I need to gain some control again.

Ryan took the night off, so today we will get the house in order, the upstairs organized and vacuumed and make a start on the downstairs. I will cook dinner, and will do laundry and the kids will do their chores. Since he heads back to work tomorrow, I need to be in control of what and where things are, the house needs to feel clean to me and I need to start to venture out with everyone alone....although I may hold off until next week for that!

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