Thursday, July 23, 2009

I miss my husband

This has been a long week, and being that he only works 4 nights and we still have tomorrow night to has been a LONG week. I am thankful my mom is here,but ready to get my house back too. I am also at that awful point where I am hating the husband's schedule. As he works nights, I am alone all day and night on work days. I don't mind having the kids, but miss the company at night, and would love him to have a regular schedule.

We need a plan, a plan to get out of Virginia, a plan for his schedule, a plan for life. I really hate it here, and he is not a fan either, but we have been stuck due to the whole housing thing. We have looked to move back to Long Island, we have also looked to move to upstate NY, it will all depend on who's job we move on. I know we are looking at two years minimum, but I can live with that. Maybe Ryan will find a job in NYC and we will move to LI or upstate and I will keep my online gig. Maybe I will find a new online gig and he will find something and we will move, maybe I will find a new gig and he will stay home with the kids....who knows! What we do need is a time frame for starting to look. I think we will need to wait until we can sell the house or at least rent it for the mortgage...we will have to see what happens, but all I can hope for is a new place to live and a husband home at night in two years time.

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Lisa Curcio said...

My husband grew up in VA, and that is how we ended up moving here...I am from western NY. VA drives me crazy sometimes too! I spend a long time trying to get my husband to move, but when my son ended up in the NICU at UVA, I was very grateful to be living here. I don't even want to think about what our life would be like if we weren't so close to UVA.

When I first moved here, I would have never thought I would miss NY & all that snow, but there are some days in January when I wish we would just get a few feet of snow lol.

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