Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fear and loathing

Tonight we were blessed with a tornado warning at dinnertime. Not a watch, a warning. This, or course, on my first night I will be home alone with all the kids, and when we get one warning, we usually get many. While Ryan was home and he was calm and helpful, I had my traditional meltdown. I really hate the weather here, I mean I HATE it. These storms come without warning and you can check the weather and all be fine and then BAM ten minutes later there be a huge thunderstorm or worse!

I want to leave, I wanted to be out of this house a year ago but we can't move until the market is better. It is, however, getting there and I am really hoping that we can move in two years or less. I simply cannot take many more summers here, they are scary and stressful for me.

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