Saturday, November 3, 2007

Warmth and joy

We slept in today, the girls and I snuggled up in my bed, Grayson slept warm and toasty in his. As crazy as it makes me that my girls still come in to my room and sleep on the floor or in my bed the nights Ryan is at work, some mornings it is sweet to wake up next to two little blond heads resting peacefully. Grayson has always been a good sleeper, when he was a baby it used to make sad that he didn't want to be in bed with us like the girls did, that he wanted to be in his crib alone in his room. Now I am thankful that he is a good sleeper and that he can go to his bed and settle for the night, and he does come in every morning, climb into bed with us and snuggle up.

Today we slept really late, until after 8 which is a big deal here. We came down all rested and happy and I made the kids french toast and sausage for breakfast. I switched the laundry, gathered wood for the fire, started the fire and started our day. We have a wood delivery coming today, and the week ahead looks perfectly chilly, so our fireplace will be going strong. My girls have been asking for bread, so I will be baking a few loaves today for them, but it will have to be french bread since I am out of wheat flour :(

These are the days I love, a fire in the fire place, a warm home filled with the kids playing (Haven and Grayson are playing together and Brittan is working hard at reading a book) What a nice, warm morning.

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