Sunday, November 11, 2007

The happy morning hum

On weekends or days off in the winter, we have a comforting morning routine. We get up and come downstairs, I give the kiddos breakfast, they feed the dog. While they are eating, I grab a sweatshirt and go out and haul a load of wood for the day (if Ryan is home, he will haul the wood) I then come in, start the fire, do the first vacuum of the day (always the family room and kitchen), start the coffee and clean up from breakfast while the kids head off to play. I am a sucker for a routine, the kids and I find it comforting to know what we are doing and in what order, there is no rushing or arguing, and we start our day off happy. It's the days we have to rush to leave that we do not to enjoy the slow start, the warmth of home and the calm ease into the day. I wish every winter morning could start like this.

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