Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting into the holiday week

Had a rough start this morning, I woke with a bad headache and three loud kids. Headache seems to be leaving, kids are upstairs playing and I have gotten a few chores done. I have to get everyone dressed in a bit, we had a small change of plans, we need to head out and buy the inflatable Santa in the plane.

We have long avoided the inflatable lawn decorations and always use simple classic decorations, especially since our house is a very classic colonial. The kids ask every year for some big, bright blow up thing, and this year we are letting them have an area to decorate. I figure each year, they can decorate that area as they see fit, and our house will be classically designed for me, and fun for them. I am also decorating the playroom for them this year. We are getting a tree from a friend and I am putting lights in there for them. They will be making a bunch of ornaments for their tree and we got them a train to run around the bottom, it should be the perfect children's Christmas room. No worries for me, we will have the fresh tree in the living room with our collection of decorations, a little something for everyone!

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