Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stress and Reminders

The stressors....

So I am battling some stressors today. My house is still in upheaval, the china cabinet is still in the Living Room, and it's contents are all over my desk. We need to solve the moulding issue in the Dining Room, put it in, and then we can move the cabinet back. This wouldn't be a huge issue, except that the cabinet is sitting right where the Christmas tree is supposed to go. The other thing causing me stress is the island I bought for the kitchen. Currently the island is sitting in a weird location in the kitchen, and I need to get shelves before I can move it. Again, this is something I need Ryan to help with, and with our schedule, I am not sure how we will get it done. The last thing causing me stress is my upcoming trip to Pittsburgh. I have to leave on December 11th and I come back the 15th. I HATE being away from home, especially right before the holidays. I have no choice and have to go, but I am dreading it. At least once I come back I will be off from both jobs and will have a few days to concentrate on Christmas. With the trip coming, I am feeling pressured to get the house decorated, the cookies started, etc.

These are things I have to try to remember everyday, no matter what all the chatter in my head says :)

1. The house is way cleaner than I think.
2. There is more time tomorrow, and some things can be put off.
3. Laundry will never get done, just stop trying.
4. Kids are loud, crazy, and messy...but they also make you smile the widest and laugh the hardest.
5. Husbands are annoying, slow and messy...but they hold you when you are stressed and offer to so things that wouldn't really help, but they don't know better
6. Best friends are a unique blessing, they are family that you actually like to hang out with.
7. It is all ok in the end.

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