Saturday, November 3, 2007

Educating the Children

As I have posted, we are dedicating the next year to moving our eating to locally produced, organic and whole foods. With three little kids, there will be days we order a pizza, eat out or buy fast food, but my goal is that all other times they eat healthy homemade meals. As we were making our bread today, my girls were asking why some peope don't cook like this and that they would make homemade food when they are grownups. I explained that I hope they make choices that they feel best suit their families, and that I have made the choices I have because I feel it is best for them. I know how crazy busy we get, and I do sometimes have to get take out and order in, I am human and don't beat myself up for needing to rely on outside food sources. All I want to acheive is to have the majority of our food be homemade and locally grown organic. This should equate to about 65-75% of our total intake, although in summer we may do better due to all of the fresh veggies. I have now finalized the CSA for spring, and I will also be getting eggs from them each week until I can convince Ryan to let me get chickens. The farm owner also told me about a raw milk cow share, but I cannot get Ryan in board with that, he will do non-homogenized, but not raw, so the search is on for a new supplier. Lastly, I am looking for a beef supplier and will be trying to locate a local farm where I can purchase our beef directly. This is a lot of work, but I know it is right for us.

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