Monday, November 12, 2007

Full pantry

I needed to go to the store today to get the snack items for Haven's brownie troop. As I was going anyway, I figured I should do a stock up since we will be away next week and I don't want to have to come back to empty shelves. Now I am a giant freak about food, not only because of Haven, but also because I like having a very full pantry. I have an entire room, about 10 x 7 as my pantry. There are two big shelving units, a standing freezer and a full fridge w/ freezer. I am one of those people who adhere to the concept of stockpiling, that is I buy a lot of stuff when on sale and store it for later. It is one of the things I began doing when I stopped working after Grayson was born, and I have found that if I keep up with it, I rarely have a huge grocery bill. I just pick things up as needed, especially if I can get a good price.

Ryan and Grayson came with me today, and we did pretty well getting everything we needed. My big freezer is packed, I have at least 35 meat meals, probably closer to 45. The pantry is loaded, I have all of my staples put away and I shouldn't need to go to the store for anything except milk and fresh fruit and veg. for at least three weeks. It makes me so happy to know that the house is stock full of all the things we need to sustain ourselves.

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