Saturday, November 17, 2007

A much deserved day of fun

I had planned on taking the kiddos out today for an Ikea run, but it was chilly this morning and we were all snuggly, so we stayed home. They are having a good day, playing well and enjoying each other's company. The fire is blazing, the kids are eating their lunch and we have a special snack baking for later. Since we are heading to my mom's this week, I am not baking any bread, but wanted to make some snacks to bring with us. It always seems that trips mean tons of junk in the car, and more junk when we get there, so this year I am prepared. I just made some simple granola bars, these are maple, raisin and cinnamon. Tomorrow we will get some dried cranberries, apples and blueberries, along with wheat germ and flax seed to bring the protein level up. I use applesauce instead of oil and honey and maple syrup to sweeten, loads of good oats and fruits make them soft and filling. I will pack these up and take them with us, and of course I will bake a treat, probably peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, but will hide those at the bottom of the snack bag :)

I still have a ton of laundry to do, I promised the girls we could play a game, I have to make dinner and do some work. I need this relaxing day, it feels great to hang with the kids, play and joke with them, with no rush to do anything. Ryan requested a simple dinner, just hamburgers and the sides, so even that will be easy tonight. I have a few beautiful butternut and spaghetti squashes that I want to use before we go, so tomorrow I will make chicken with roasted butternut squash. We must head to Ikea tomorrow, I saw some great big glass jars that will work well for dried goods, and I need a shelf for the microwave. Tomorrow we will run, today we will relax and play.

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