Sunday, November 25, 2007

Winter night

Sundays are my favorite evening in the winter. Right now, it is just getting dark outside, my family room is warm with the fire that has been burning since 9 am. My kids are playing well, Ryan is sleeping before work tonight, and I have a toasty supper cooking away. For me, winter meals are hearty and warm, and they make you feel cozy. Tonight we are trying something new. I had some thin round steaks that I needed to cook, so I mixed up some feta, sundried tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper and spread it on each steak and rolled them. I then cooked up some sweet onions, added white wine, salt and tomatoes and made a sauce. I put some sauce in the bottom of a baking dish, added the rolled/stuffed steaks, and then covered with the rest of the sauce. It has been braising in the oven for a while and smells delicious! We will have it over rice with a big salad and some rolls. A nice hearty dinner, full of winter coziness.

As an aside, if everyone can keep their fingers crossed for us it would be great. Someone at Ryan's work is leaving, so Ry is going to try to move into that position. Pay should be better, but what is best is it is an AM shift position, 4 -10 hr days a week. For us, Ry would leave around 4:45 am and get home by 6 pm the four days, and the other three he would be here and on our schedule. He works the 4/10hrs now, but it is nights, so we lose a day off so he can sleep before work. I REALLY need him to be on our schedule, so please keep your fingers crossed!

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