Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Milky goodness!

As I was searching for a Christmas tree farm nearby so we can go cut our tree this weekend, I came across one farm and saw that they had free range fresh eggs. I was excited that we could go there and stock up on eggs too and as I looked through the page I saw they had milk from a PA creamery, and it looks like they may have organic creamline milk! I will call and check tomorrow, but even if they don't stock it, I can probably order it since they get deliveries from the creamery. My family loves creamline, this is milk that is pasteurized but not homogenized so the cream rises to the top. We can use the cream to make whipped cream or shake it into butter. The milk is so fresh and delicious and it is better for the kids, free of hormones and antibiotics. Research has also shown that homogenized milk makes the fat worse for you than non homogenized milk, something to do with the way the process damages the fat globules. Oh I am sooooo excited, I have been searching for a local milk supplier!


theansweris said...

Thank you for being such a good friend today. I really needed it.

Tribe Mama said...

Worse thing is, I was not a good friend today. Maybe yesterdays can count double? Sorry, it was a bad day and I needed to be selfish and a baby.