Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kitchen changes

I have been going back and forth over what kind of island I want in the kitchen. I had planned to buy a butcher block topped unit, but being that I am making so much bread, I opted for a marble top. It should be here this week and I am so excited that I can pull it out and the girls and I can work together. When we start Christmas cookies (which should be next weekend) they will get a chance to really work with me, what a great learning experience!

As they love to cook, and we do a lot of it here, I purchased them each an apron for Christmas this year. Haven's has a tie-dye pattern (perfect for my little hippie) there is a pink retro butterfly pattern for Britt and a tractor pattern for Grayson. I am going to get them each a few little cooking items, measuring cups, spoons, etc, and they will be able to keep everything in their own basket in the kitchen. I cannot wait for Christmas!

As an odd aside, my mom expressed total support for the changes we are making here at home. With all of Haven's health issues, most of which relate to food and digestion, she thinks it is great that we are trying so hard to create an environment where Haven is getting the purest foods possible. It is a slow process, and we are just starting this journey, but I really believe that this is the best thing for her and that we may be able to help keep her from developing other food issues in the future.

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