Monday, November 26, 2007

A Child's Winter Wonderland

We have always decorated the house very traditionally, with white lights and wreathes, etc. Now that the kids have grown up a bit, they want all the glitzy, spinning, blow up things. This year we totally indulged them...there is an area in front of the garage that is now a kid's fantasy. A blow up Santa in a plane, a blow up snowman, oversized light bulbs, a train and a reindeer. Along with this, they will have their own tree in the playroom with crazy colored lights and any ornaments they want.

I want the kids to feel that they are involved in what we do, and that their opinions matter to us. While I will have my traditional tree with the ornaments that have been handed down and the white lights in the living room, they will have their tree with the train on the bottom and paper chains and homemade snowflakes in the playroom. As they grow, I hope that they continue to decorate "their" tree and that it is something that always makes them happy to look back on. Once the rest of the house is decorated, I will take a picture and post :)

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