Friday, November 9, 2007

Calmer evening

I am feeling much better, amazing what a good cry (or a few) and a talk with a great friend can do to calm you. I cleaned the house, picked up Haven from school (with a sick Gray and Britt in their PJs), came home and made dinner (Sicilian Meatloaf, baked sweet potatoes, green beans and breadsticks) and ran some errands. While the family ate, I went out to a favorite shop of my girls and bought them each a sweatshirt, purse and a bunch of stocking stuffers for Christmas (shhh don't tell them!) While out I just made the time frame for the free coffee at Wawa :) Got home, husband and kids had cleaned up from dinner, talked to my neighbor for awhile about kids and activities, did some work and finally got to relax. It may be 10 pm, but I still have a fire going, a few minutes to myself and a calmer soul.

PS..thanks em, i know you have had a shitty few weeks, it was amazing of you to take care of me today and listen to me sob, you are the best!

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theansweris said...

I wish I was as wonderful as you make me out to be:)