Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hearty lunch

The kids and I have been fighting a cold, so everyone is a bit under the weather. Eating the way we are trying to is not always cheap, and I try to be as frugal as possible, so I am always excited when I can use leftovers to make something new. To keep us toasty today, I have a big pot of soup on the stove ready to be eaten with a hunk of yesterday's bread and a salad.

What I did was take the leftover chicken from yesterday and chop it up. I cooked a small onion until soft in a bit of olive oil, added three cloves of chopped garlic, the diced chicken, a cup of leftover green beans and two sprigs of rosemary. Once everything had cooked together for about 5 minutes, I added some leftover tomato basil soup I had in the fridge (about a half a cup), a large can of pear tomato strips with basil, two cups of chicken stock and a cup of water. Along with this, I tore up six large basil leaves, added sea salt and pepper. Everything cooked together for 10 minutes, I then added a cup of quinoa and a half a cup of pastini and a few shots of hot sauce and I will serve it with some Parmesan on top. A fantastic hot lunch, healthy and full of protein to fill bellies and warmth to soothe little throats.

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