Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a great day! The girls wore their Halloween shirts to school today, and Gray wore his here at home. I picked the girls up, and grabbed a friend's son as well and brought them home. I made a holiday dinner of Witches Fingers (Chicken strips), Blood and Guts Potatoes (potatoes mashed with cheese and ketchup then put back in their shells, drizzled with ketchup and extra cheese and baked) and haunted trees (broccoli with a cheddar cheese sauce dyed blue)

After dinner and dropping the friend's son off, the kid's suited up and went trick or treating. They only did about 10 houses, then came home to have a nice hot chocolate. They went to bed late, full of cocoa and happy halloween fun!


theansweris said...

You're awesome! They look so cute.

Tribe Mama said...


rachelpinklovesunicorns said...

They look awesome! You're so darn crafty :)