Friday, October 26, 2007

New Floors

We have been in our house for four years, and when we bought it, it was a mess. The house design is great, but the interior and exterior needed alot of help. We have been steadily working on the house since we moved in, and one of the things that has driven me crazy since day one is the dining room carpet. It is a terrible brown and stained, and gross, and I have steam cleaned it to death. We could never figure out what type of floor to put in, the kitchen and back hall have a stone look tile, the foyer is old wood peg hardwood, the living room and stairs are a light tan/almost white carpet and the family room is a rustic look laminate. Being that the dining room butts up against the kitchen, back hall and foyer, I really did not want to mess with wood floors as how we laid them would be an issue. Then we found beautiful cork floors, and I am so excited that we ordered them today along with a new rug for under the table. When they are done, I will post a picture :)

Now I am planning to order a new couch for the family room, extra long to fit all of the tribe.

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