Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Smells

As is often the case here on Sundays, today has been a day of baking, cooking, kid craziness and schoolwork. As Haven is allergic to nuts, I provide the snacks for the Monday Brownie meeting. I try to balance the healthy with the indulgent, as these girls are starving after school, but still have growing bodies. This week I decided to make them oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. A little healthy and a little indulgent.

As oatmeal raisin cookies are Emily's favorites, I made sure to make her a batch to enjoy. I am hoping she comes by tonight to get them so we have the rare opportunity to talk without six little voices. A nice cup of tea, fresh baked cookies and a chat, that would be the perfect thing today.

We also tend to have the big traditional Sunday night dinner, the kind where you have to start cooking at noon to eat by dinner time. This is by far one of my favorite traditions, and while I strive all week to provide home cooking, there is something glorious about the smells that fill the house on Sundays. Right now my house smells of a chicken roasting and veggies cooking up to be added to stuffing. A nice salad and some broccoli (the kid's favorite veggie by far) and we will have a nice meal together. Oh if only the weather would decide to finally become fall-like, I am so in need of a crisp evening, an apple pie baking and a snuggle on the couch under a soft blanket with a hot cup of coffee.

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theansweris said...

Thank you for the cookies. They are wonderful.